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manga story contest 

It's time to make your dream come true and turn your story that you had left in a drawer into a manga at last!

Submit your story and we will take care of turning it into an actual manga, do not hesitate

You do not have to pay anything to convert your story into a manga, just participate in the competition and submit your story today

* The last date for submitting the storyIt is on the 15th of July 2023

How to participate:

  • Submit your name, email, and story via the form below

  • Put the title of the story and the classification assigned to it

  • Download it as a "Word" or "PDF" file

  • Write a short description of your story, so the audience can understand the idea

  • You can submit a synopsis of your story on file even if it is incomplete 


Mechanism of Action :

  • Our team will read all posts, sort them, and post them will be donePublish the 3 most beautiful stories to the public

  • We will contact the winner, on e-mail

  • The manga will be drawn, and the number of pages for each chapter will be agreed upon and start postedmonthly to the public

  • Can I participate in more than one story?
    Yes, of course, you can send as many stories as you want, but make sure you put the same name and email
  • Is it necessary to prepare the classes before participating?
    Not necessarily, you can prepare the chapters later
  • Should the story be finished?
    It is preferable that there be a clear and specific ending to the story, so that we can make sure that it is connected from its beginning to its end. Even if you did not write the end, you can give us an idea about it at least in the summary section.
  • I am not good at writing in Arabic without mistakes. Will this affect my participation?
    No, it will not affect, we have someone who can proofread the grammar and correct spelling errors in the text
  • I want a specific 'style' for my manga, can I tell the illustrator?
    We will assign the task of drawing the manga to the appropriate artist. You may not be able to give your conditions, because the manga will be drawn for free, but you will be able to give an overview of the appropriate drawing method for the manga, and in the end it is up to the artist and his capabilities.
  • How many pages are required for the story?
    There is no specific number of pages

Subscription terms:

  • By participating in the competition You acknowledge that you are the exclusive owner of the work and have all rights

  • Not to imitate or copy plot, character or events from any other works, whether they are visual, audio or read.

  • Giving all the exclusive rights to our site only, and not publishing the manga on other sites after converting it into manga, you will be able to publish it on your pages 

  • To be responsible for preparing the script and dividing it between the pages

Rejected posts:

  • Skewed ratings are not acceptable

  • Any story containing names or misconceptions or offensive

  • Works that contain monsters or strange beings or martial and epic works   "because there is no illustrator who is good at drawing these categories"

  • Political or religious stories sensitive or controversial

  • Ideas taken from other stories, books, etc...

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