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A small situation almost broke me to leave the drawing, but...

A small situation almost broke me to leave the drawing, samar art

Hello my friends, I miss you so much, and to read your sweet messages that I receive daily, and for every word of encouragement in them. Encouragement is all that an artist needs from those around him, in order to continue his career, and on this subject, I will tell you about an incident that happened to me, when I was a teenager, And from that incident, I learned the meaning of persistence, determination and not despair, so accompany me to tell you about it.

  • Participate in a comic story drawing competition

When I was residing in Syria, there were many children's magazines, including Nilufer and Fares, and I used to buy them from time to time, and on one occasion, a competition was held to draw a picture story in Fares magazine, and I was glad for that, because I adore Drawing manga stories, so I decided to participate without hesitation.

And its condition was that it revolve around a specific topic, and we must turn it into a story, and I really started with my brothers in preparing the script and characters, and we sat discussing how to arrange the pages, and within two days I started drawing in the manga style, and it is supposed to be colored as is the condition.

  • One of my cousins ​​is trying to break my spirits

One day, while I was drawing in my room, with notebooks and colors around me, my aunt visited us, who used to visit us every time, and when I heard her voice I called her with enthusiasm in order to tell her that I would participate in the drawing competition, thinking that I would get encouragement from her. So my aunt entered my room, and started making fun of what I am doing, and said in one letter, "Is it time for you to leave the absurdity of drawing? When will you grow up from these stories, you will never win?"

And here I was smashed from the inside to pieces, those words were very harsh, and I felt that what I was doing was ridiculous, I really felt let down, and I thought for a while to quit drawing because it is a silly thing, according to my aunt, and that I should grow up and leave manga and children’s drawings, The pen fell from my hand and I stopped drawing for a while.

It was not easy, I thought carefully, and found that it is true, how can I win a drawing competition in a famous magazine? There are so many participants, it is unreasonable for me to win.

  • But no... I didn't give up then

But there is an inner voice that told me to continue what I started, I don't have to listen to anyone's words, especially if it's broken, and then I remembered some of the beautiful words of Spacetoon songs, urging not to give up, not to lose hope, and continue to the end, yeah The words of these wonderful songs were a reason for me to get out of a state of despair, so I grabbed my notebook and pens again, and I started drawing with higher interest than before, and my focus was on improving the scenario and choosing appropriate shooting angles for each scene, and adding appropriate colors for each character. .

Within a week my brothers and I had finished drawing the four pages of the competition, and I remember that morning, when I woke up early, handed my father the envelope of the story, told him the address of the mailbox, and went out of the house, praying with all my heart that at least my entry would reach them. .

  • My efforts have paid off

And at the end of the month, if I get a call on the landline from the magazine, they say, "Are you Summer?" And I answered yes, and they said to me, “You have Faris magazine, congratulations, you won first place in the comic contest.” And we had to attend the coronation ceremony for the three winners.

After the party ended, my father came home with the gifts we had won. I saw looks of pride in his eyes as he brought the many gifts into the house one by one.

Even when my aunt visited us again, I spoke to her and told her that I won the contest that she was making fun of, and I showed her my name written, and the gifts we brought are there, she could not say a word, as if she felt ashamed for her mockery of my talent, she saw with her eyes that This is a talent that can go much further, and since then I have seen nothing but encouragement from everyone.

  • Do not despair, my beloved

And to you, I felt an indescribable joy. My effort was not in vain, gentlemen. It is perseverance, yes, and not listening to the words of destruction and mockery of those who do not know the value of human talent. In the corner, there is no dream and no goal, but no, do not believe everyone who tries to harm you, but hold on to your hobby with both hands, because it will take you to the highest.

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