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Animate a flying pigeon with toon boom harmony

تحريك عصفور انمي يطير سمر ارت

Get the software from Here

Hello my friends - I apologize for the length, as you know that I am constantly busy, but I came back with a new animation lesson. There is nothing more beautiful than preparing a light lesson in this snowy weather, and we will move a bird or a flying dove with the program Toon Boom Harmony, steps and pictures

And the background drawing program that I always used is Clip studio paint, for purchase and download for free, from Here

1We open the animation program, we draw a pigeon in any shape, but I drew it from the side, the left wing will appear in front of us, while the other is in the back


After we drew the first movement, and as you always return, we draw the last movement immediately after it in a "frame" and a new frame


The "enbetoin" or the interframes, is the next step, in which we will draw the movement in the middle.

Don't forget to turn on the "Onion Skin" or "Onion Skin" feature, because it allows us to see what we drew before and what we drew later.
تحريك عصفور انمي يطير سمر ارت

And we continue with these steps until we are completely finished

تحريك عصفور انمي يطير سمر ارت

تحريك عصفور انمي يطير سمر ارت

Get the software from Here

The number of frames is eight 8

I'll show you the drawings I needed to finish the animation with pictures and instructions

1 The main movement is to open the wings straight up

2 Begin to lower the wing

3 Spread the wings to the two ends, and note the height of the tip of the wing upwards, and this indicates that the wings go down.

4 Descending both wings at the same time

5 The movement we finished last time, which is the flapping of the wings straight downwards

6 And now the opposite movement, which is to raise them up, and from here the movement begins

7 And here the wings are raised a little

8 final movement

And then we repeat the frames in order to get an infinite flight movement, that is, we have to copy the "frames" near each other

Below, I leave you with the final scene of how to animate the anime bird, and I hope we meet again

The final movement

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