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Animate Saitama from anime One-punch man in one day

In this post, I will explain in a simple way how you moved the character Saitama from the anime One Punch Man, in just one day, in order to finish a scene on a day that is not difficult at all, especially when you are free on that day.

Download the software used from Here

  • Sketch

I collected some pictures of Saitama from the net, put them on the screen, and then I drew in my mind the movement that I wanted, which was his speech, and then he punched the ground strongly, then I drew a simple and quick sketch of the movement, with adjustments, erasures and repetition of the drawing until I reach the desired result, and this is the most important stage. Let your hand rest and draw as you wish, because we will fix everything later.

  • Inking

After the quick lines, I drew directly black, with cleaner lines over the diagram, but in a single layer, and I repeated that, erased all the previous errors, and focused more on making the lines as neat as possible, and being airtight, because Toon Boom Harmony that I work with, does not color if there is a small hole in the drawing.

  • Coloring

After drawing I painted, without shading, and I relied on finishing one color first, for example, “I color the dress in yellow in all scenes, and when I finish with the yellow color, I move directly to the red color and finish it in all the scenes etc.”, with coloring the floor and stones And everything that surrounds the character, and I add the background that I drew in advance in the Paint Studio clip program.

  • Camera and effects

The last step is always the movement of the camera and the effects, and it is the easiest step for me and I love it a lot and I add whatever effects I like and I play with the movement of the camera however I want, as you notice during the video that the camera shakes when it punches the ground, and when I finished it I added the lights Like sunshine and light bloom in order to give it a more anime look.

Thus, I explained without complicating how I did this scene, I started it in the day and finished it at night, and I did not finish in my life a whole scene in one day, it is true that I finished in a day, but it was very tiring, and I did not like the idea of ​​my long sitting for a scene Therefore, I do not think I will repeat this matter, on the contrary, I found that doing a scene on several days is easier and better and does not cause fatigue.

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