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Draw anime face looking to the side and up

Welcome to a new explanation, about how to draw the face of an anime character looking up with ease, there is no doubt that drawing the face from different angles, because it is complicated, especially when the anime character is looking up, and sometimes I have to draw again and again, until I get Desired result, so I'm going to show you my drawing method, hopefully it will help you.

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The beginning is, "as you used to from me," to draw a circle that "symbolizes the head," and from there, we draw the dividing line for the face, in the direction the character looks at.

And as you can also notice, we draw two parallel lines for the eyes, above which is the forehead line, and from below, we determine the location of the chin

It is necessary to locate the chin and neck, because the anime character here looks up, and in this way the neck appears more in the picture.

Here I determined for you the location of each of the facial features, as it appears in front of you in the picture. Save the picture with you until you return to it later.

  • The dividing line for the face "in the middle of the face" where we will draw the mouth and nose later

  • From above the front line

  • The two lines for the eyes

  • Below is the chin line

  • On the ear line side

كيف ترسم وجه انمي تنظر للأعلى

2Using the previous planning, we will now draw the details of the anime character's face, and I wrote to you on the picture how it is done

The eye on the right appears larger and longer because it is facing the camera, as we know the farther the object is from the camera, the smaller it is

The nose is pointing in the direction the character is looking at

And the head, as you can see with me, appears more from the back, that is, we have to draw the hair more clearly there.

And since the character is looking to the side and slightly upward, the tip of the nose will be slightly raised

And it is important not to forget the appearance of the neck when the anime character looks up

You can draw the mouth just below the nose, because I prefer to make it a little further, in order to give the drawing some depth.
كيف ترسم وجه انمي تنظر للأعلى

Here is the drawing, after we followed all the steps mentioned above, on how to draw an anime character looking to the side and slightly upward


Here we will add some details that will be to your taste, so you can draw anime hair however you like

Notice when we drew the hair, in the middle, "depending on the dividing line of the face," we can easily determine the location of the hairline, and draw the tufts starting from that point, and the hair does not flow in one line, but rather goes in all directions, so when we approach from the back, the hair goes backwards, And when we go to the side, the hair goes to the side, and so on!

On the left side, the anime's poetry "since it's far from the camera" appears less, and the poetry we drew on the right side appears much more.

كيف ترسم وجه انمي تنظر للأعلى

Some mistakes to avoid

On the right side, we see that the nose is long, almost as long as the face, and this is a fatal mistake, because this anime character looks up slightly, so it is normal for the nose to rise up, otherwise the drawing will look incorrect

From below, the chin appears wider as well, and from below it the neck emerges

As for the mouth, it is like the nose, we raise it up as well, and it is wrong to draw it at the bottom.

Thus, the lesson for today has ended, and I tried to show the correct ways to draw the face of the anime from a different angle, while showing some mistakes and avoiding them, and we will complete this series in the coming lessons, so we will draw the face of the anime from more difficult angles, so that we can learn together, and to That time, I hope all of you, my friends, will practice these steps today.

كيف ترسم وجه انمي تنظر للأعلى

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