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Drawing anime body using threeD doll

Hello to a new lesson dear friends, today I will show you how to draw a full anime body, using a 3D doll. This is a very excellent method for those who find it difficult to draw the body and different poses, and this tool is the ideal solution to this problem.

Download the software used from Here


We start the program that contains the 3D models, and here I used Clip Studio

We open the program and then, from the list, add the figure that we want to draw, whether you want a girl or a boy, as shown in the picture.

I will write to you below, each tool and how it is used, from right to left in turn

  • Tool 1: Move the body anywhere

  • Tool 2: character wrap

  • Tool 3: Rotate the character "clockwise or counterclockwise"

  • Tool 4: Rotate the character in 3D

  • Tool 5: Raising or lowering the character

  • Tool 6: In order to enlarge or reduce the body

  • Tool 7: Change the location of the body

  • Tool 8: Change the angle of the body


Here is the three-dimensional doll in front of us, and we can shape the position of the body however we want, and do not forget to use what I wrote for you above, the tools will help you to form the position


Here I chose this pose, which I will draw directly on top of it


Here we make a sketch, and choose the dress to be dressed up for the character


Now the position and the clothes are ready for inking

Download the software used from Here


Here we ink with black pen


Then after the inking is done, we color it in the colors we want

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