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How did I animated an anime girl running, jumping and spinning

I liked to challenge myself this time, take a step forward, and try a move that I had not tried before, which is the movement of the body while it is spinning or running and jumping, as long as I wanted to do this, but I hesitated a lot, thinking that it is impossible for one person to do, And I postponed the topic for several years.

Download the software used from Here

But since we are in home quarantine, and I have a lot of free time, I said why not try, even if I err.

Actually more than a month ago I started it, and it took me several days, but I used to stop sometimes to take a break, and I recorded a video of how to do that, but unfortunately it was deleted accidentally, however, it started and the beginning was a series, as I drew quickly The body is running, without using any source, and then I moved to the next movement and drew it, and I tried as much as possible to draw the body in difficult positions that I had not drawn before, and in the meantime I was thinking to myself, that I will "torture" a lot to move it later, but I I talked.

Then I watched the finished scenes and how they looked, and added more movements, such as "zoom" on the face, and then wrapped around herself and so on, and the thing that bored me a little was the school clothes that she wore, especially the skirt, and it also seemed that I forgot the necktie in the last Frames, maybe because it is my first time, and maybe because I focused more on moving the body and forgot the details of the clothes etc.

Nevertheless, I got to the stage of inking and coloring, and it was the easiest as usual, and then the shading stage (the stage that I hate most), but at this stage I try to find ways to shorten the shading, and in the end my easiest stage was the backgrounds, and the camera movement, which I did not I make a little effort in it.

Now I can say, that I managed to pass this exam with a good result, so the move that I thought was difficult and scary, turned out to be easier than it seemed, just a little patience, and Boom showed the impressive result, and this gave me motivation to continue and try a harder move and more. Complicated in the future.

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