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How do I animated an anime character to walking

Today we will learn together how I managed to make an anime character walk, without any complications, and of course using Toon Boom Harmony.

First, we have to draw the whole character, from the head to the feet, and every part of the body must be drawn in a layer of its own, as shown in the video, as you have to draw the head in a layer, then the eyes and the mouth together, and after that we draw Hair, I drew bangs in a different place from "ponytails" and so on.

Then we move to the arms and elbows, each in a special layer, and then the legs and the feet, and here we have finished the body composition, then we start immediately after arranging the layers, so that the right hand and the right foot should be in the back, while the rest of the body parts are in the front, So that we can see it.

Before starting to move, we must do some improvement, with regard to the center of movement, which is the center of each member, and as it appears before you, we have to press the arm, for example, then the center determining tool, and place the point on the shoulder, even when we move the arm, so it appears in its correct position As for the man, we do the same thing, put the point on the waist, and repeat the same thing with the rest of the body.

The next step, is moving, which will not be complicated, but rather easy and enjoyable, so we press the Move Tool, which is the tool responsible for moving objects and objects, making them move, and then we press the letter B, and while we are pressing, we press the front arm , And move it forward, and repeat the same step, and go to the back foot and move it backward, and so on with the rest of each member, "so that each arm moves against each foot."

Here, we are almost done, by copying and pasting the movements or the "key frames" in the "timeline" in order for the movement to continue as long as we want it.

And the last thing is to add the background, and I drew it in advance, and draw each part in a single layer with the clip studio program, which is the program I used to draw the backgrounds.

Thus, we would simply design it as a girl who walks, without much trouble.

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