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How do I earn money from drawing and animation from my experience

Hello in a new post, today I will share with you the ways that I use to make money through drawing, and animation. livelihood

  • Define your primary talent:

Before diving into the details, you must first identify the talent you have, whether drawing or writing, music, dubbing, etc., and from there you begin to refine the talent through continuous training, as you cannot find work as long as you do not know what your hobby is or where your skill lies.

  • Facebook

My first manga job was through Facebook, the site I used to communicate with friends, and it never occurred to me that through it I would earn my first salary in my life.

There I found an Arabic magazine for children, I contacted them and the first thing I did was send pictures of my manga drawings, I found approval from day one, and since then I have been working with them for two years.

This is my first ever job: My Manga Mazin adventure

كيف تكسب المال من الرسم

You can do the same steps, search on Facebook for famous magazines

And send a sample of your drawings with a letter mentioning your skills, but do not rush to determine the salary from the first letter, so that you will not find rejection, but you can ask about the type of story that you will draw and the number of pages and agree on the price at the end of the talk.

And I advise you about foreign children's magazines, because they value talents, and you will get much more money, for example:

كيف أكسب المال من الرسم و الأنميشين من خبرتي سمر ارت
بعض الأمثلة من الموقع

This was one of the first sites I used in drawing, from there you will find a lot of suitable job opportunities for anime and manga artists, and one of the advantages of the site is that it allows you to set the price yourself with buyers.

Ideas from services for drawing:

But his only problem is that the work in it is rather little, and it is not possible to rely on it completely on its own.

كيف أكسب المال من الرسم و الأنميشين من خبرتي سمر ارت

One of the popular sites I worked in, and there I drew a lot of anime and cartoon drawings for customers, and you can put your service there, not only for drawing, but for any kind of talent.

You can view samples of your work, and set your own price.

There are some flaws in the site, where most buyers are looking for great services for small amounts, and this is what forced many workers on the site to reduce their prices and work on very large projects, and in the end they are the losers, or exposure to fraud, and even if you raise your price, you may Nobody buys from you.

Also, what I hate the most about Fiverr is the revision, which is when customers come back to you and ask for a lot of modifications for free, and this made me think about stopping working on the site.

Also, currently, Fiverr is full of services. It is difficult to get many sales, because you may be new or your services already exist.

كيف أكسب المال من اتسي فايفر الرسم و الانمي   سمر ارت
عدة خدمات للتصميم من اتسي

This site may not be mentioned to you as a site dedicated to electronic services, but it can be, I just worked on Etsy, and I provide graphic design services in it.

And the nice thing is that I don't have to ship the purchases to customers, but rather deliver it to them via email or Etsy. You won't believe I treated Etsy like Fiverr when I first joined!

These are samples of successful Etsy stores:

You can open a store specialized in designing logos, or banners that design covers for YouTube and many other things.

The disadvantage is that the site is very popular, and many stores are closed on it, without warning, especially new stores, or those in the Arab countries.

Also, if you get a bad evaluation, this may affect your sales later, customers will lose confidence in your entire store, because of the evaluation, so you may have to risk returning the product and returning the money to the customers, and you will be the loser.

  • Instagram:

كيف أكسب المال من اتسي فايفر الرسم و الانمي   سمر ارت
رسامين من انستغرام

I use Instagram to provide my services related to animation, and some clients contact me in order to design anime scenes for them, for a movie or song, and so on.

But the drawback is that I get very few customers for animation, and the reason is that the price of animation is high, and also the Instagram platform is not entirely dedicated to freelance work.

But it is very prosperous with regard to painting in general, and I advise you in it, you can provide your services there, and put hashtags "tags" near your name, in order to attract customers.

And do not forget to put pictures of your drawings, and you use these hashtags: #anime #animeart #animegirl #doodle #animetutorial #drawing #myart #manga #animedrawing #animeart

كيف أكسب المال من اتسي فايفر الرسم و الانمي   سمر ارت

You can put videos while you are drawing, and go step by step in your work, as such videos bring a lot of views and successes on the platform.

In the beginning, I advise you to add the price of the service in the bio, but it must be low and acceptable, so that you get your first sales, and then get rid of them.

This is the result of my modest experience working on these platforms, and it is worth noting that I joined an independent site, Fiverr and Freelancer, and failed in them, and did not make any sales, but I tried in other places and continued until now I was able to find my right place among those The sites, and all thanks to the talent I owned, which helped me not only be a hobby, but turned into a source of livelihood, and you do not have to be an artist.

Rather, do not force yourself to imitate anyone's talent, for perhaps you will not succeed, but be yourself, with your unique talent, and turn it into your future work, as the Internet is wide open, in order to achieve success in it.

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