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How do I made my anime | Research team

After the success of the first movie that I designed in 2016, which impressed many, I decided to come back again with a movie entitled "The Research Team", about a manga I designed years ago, especially since I missed a lot to create animation and anime films, so I decided to take a break from work. , And devoted to the new anime.

Download the software used from Here 

This is the first time I've been writing a storyboard, before I start working, because if I didn't, I might stop in the middle of the road, so I started drawing scenes.

And numbered it with its action mode, and it came up with 5 pages of ready-made split scenes, which made it easy for me to "magically" work, because in the past I used to start animation directly without prior planning, and I used to stop because I didn't have a schedule.

Then I went to the backgrounds step, in which I devoted two or three days, in which I painted the backgrounds of the scenes, in the clip studio program, and the backgrounds were prepared and ready, for all the shots.

Then I started animation, which took me two to three weeks, and frankly, the work was fun, because I thought it would be boring, and that I would stop, but I passionately continued the work day after day, especially since I decided to use the simple style of anime, until I finished Quickly, and the thing that made it easy for me to work, was the use of the Inbuilt method, which saved me a lot of effort.

The story of the anime research team

The story talks about two people, two agents in the research team, Nazuma "the Girl" and Kiroki the "Young", who are working on a special mission to search for the swamp monster, and they find him and try to help him, and the story is of the adventure type.

  • Program: Toon Boom Harmony

  • Duration: 3 minutes

  • Style: simple anime


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