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How to a animate anime hair with bone smoothly

Anime hair is an essential element that adds aesthetics to the characters, so I came to you with an easy and beautiful lesson on how to move hair in Toon Boom Harmony, using the moving bones, in a smooth manner, so that the hair appears as if it is waving with the wind, so without delay, let's start. Download the software used from Here

  • Drawing anime character :

Here we will start drawing the character whose hair we want to move, and as I told you in previous explanations, that you have to draw the character in one layer, except for the part that you will move, and here, as we agreed, we will move the hair, so we draw the body in one layer Then, we move to paint the hair in its own layer. You will find the final simple scene at the end of the article.

But there is an important note, which is that we have to draw the strands separately, and the matter here is up to you whether you want the strands to be 4, 8, 10 or more, but to make the matter easier, I drew three strands "only to explain."

How to a animate anime hair with bone smoothly
Drawing the anime character

How to a animate anime hair with bone smoothly

The longer the hair, the easier it is to move, and short locks may be difficult to move

  • Coloring and shading :

Here when we are coloring, we must not forget the shading, as shading the hair is very important, because of the aesthetic it carries in the drawing and brings it closer to the Japanese anime style, then after shading we add lighting to the hair.

How to a animate anime hair with bone smoothly
قمنا بالتلوين

  • Animating :

The fun has begun! From here we can be creative in how to move hair, for example if the character is standing in a windy place, the hair must move at a tremendous speed, but if it is in a place with a slight breeze, we move in a way that appears light.

The first step with us is to add bones, and bones there are several types, one for moving fabrics such as a dress or scarf, and one for moving the arm and legs and many more, but today we will focus together on the bones for hair, which I have identified for you in red.

How to a animate anime hair with bone smoothly
Bone tools

We click on the hammer tool and there you find the hair moving tool, then we move to the strand layer, by clicking on the strand itself, then we add the bones, from the top of the head to the tip of the hair, but make sure that the tool is in contact with the strand and not far from it.

How to a animate anime hair with bone smoothly
Before adding bones

How to a animate anime hair with bone smoothly
After adding the bones

After we finish adding the moving bones to the hair, we click on the "transform tool", which is responsible for moving "the hair should appear yellow, this is how you make sure that the tool will animate" and then define the hairs "the layers in which we drew the hair" and In the timeline, we click on the first frame to start the animation from, then add a key frame.

How to a animate anime hair with bone smoothly

Then we go to the frame we want to stop at, then add the key frame, then we move the way we want, whether you want the hair to go north or up, it is all up to you and your creativity.

The movement will appear in front of us directly, and there are black points, which is the key movement, and the points will be on top of each other, but we will present each "key-frame", including 3 or 4 frames forward for more fluidity.

The animation here is very simple, and the goal is to show you the way to move the hair without getting tired, so you can spend more time editing and adding details to make the scene look more detailed.

It's nice to add a right-to-left movement of the camera with soothing music for the perfect look

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