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How to animate anime eye blinking with toon boom

Hello, I came back to you after I took a break from the site, and today the explanation will be on how to move the anime eye, and make it blink, in an easy way and it will only take a few minutes

So please follow the explanation with me!

Get the software from Here

  • Drawing

We begin to draw the eye, and the beginning is with the eyelashes, as you can see here

Then we move on to drawing and coloring the white of the eye, and it's okay to add a light blue shading inside the eye

After that, we move to a different layer, where we draw the pupil and color it with the color we want

Then in another separate layer, we draw the eyebrows, and as you can see, I marked the layers for you and what they contain with the arrow

It is necessary to add the peg to the eye and the pupil together, and one for the eyebrows

And everything is ready to animate!

  • Animating

Click on the eyes layer, and select the Transform tool

It is very important to determine the point of the pivot, which is the blue point that appears in the middle of the eye, because while closing the eye, it will rest there, without moving to the other side.

And the tool that helps us in this is specified in the image, when we click on the layer, add the peg, flip the letter B, then choose the tool specified in the image, and from there we specify the location of the center point

And we add a key frame

Then we move to the "Timeline" and add a move key, or key frame, and bring the eye down and close it like this

And we go back to add another key frame, and we open the eye

The final result

I hope you liked the explanation, and if you want me to give specific explanations, or you don't understand a specific tool in Toon Boom Harmony, write me your comments below, and I will respond to you.

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