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How to draw a glass of water in cartoon style

Today we will learn together how to draw a water glass, and we will color it and add the background and the slight shadow, let's go.

The permanent program that I used for drawing, is a studio clip, so download it, in order to draw with me and learn to draw.

Download and purchase Clip Studio Paint once for life, with a free trial from Here

After we open the program, we choose from the left menu, File and then we open a new file, and choose a white page, in order to draw, and add a “layer” or a new layer, and draw the sketch and draw the shape of the cup we want to draw water inside

كيف ترسم كأس ماء

Then we add another layer, paint black, and draw a circle at the top, and a smaller circle at the bottom, and then two lines, and this is how the shape of the cup is formed for us.

كيف ترسم كأس ماء

And then we add another layer, and color it the color of water, maybe blue or light gray, and we reduce the color, that is, we make it a little transparent.

And then we change the color of the inking black, and we change it to the light gray color, in order to get close to the color of the glass, and notice that the top side is empty, that is, the whole cup should not be completely full, here lies your freedom

We add a little shadow on the left side, and above it a little light, and on the left side we add a bit of the stark blue color, not on the whole drawing, so that the color is not annoying, but only slightly.

كيف ترسم كأس ماء

We add any background from Google, and here I chose a wooden background

In order for the glass to appear a little transparent, we should draw the background and make it darker in order for the color and the water to stand out and its transparency
كيف ترسم كأس ماء

Some steps that will help you highlight the color, there are indicators that you can find in the right menu

The layer for gloss and sparkle is on top of the cup, we click on blending mood, and we choose Glow

In order to highlight the background color, we color with warm colors, such as red, orange, and yellow, and from the same list, we choose Overlay

And when we add the shadow behind the cup, we select the entire cup, add another layer, color the selection, change the size and angle of the shadow, and it should be behind the cup layer, then we choose Multiply

This is the end result, which you can see is the subtle shade, the shine on the tip of the mug, and the subtle shade behind the mug.

كيف ترسم كأس ماء

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