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How to draw a hand | step by step anime hand

Welcome to my blog, today I will present to you one of the most important lessons that I have always wanted to present for a long time, which is simply drawing the hand, and we all know that we face great difficulty in drawing it, especially since it consists of more than one detail, and I will attach a simple picture of the hand in a way. Detailed, so that it's easy for us to draw from all angles.

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We draw a square, but not symmetrically, so that the side at the wrists is slightly narrower than the side from which the fingers come out, and we must bear in mind that the size of the hand is slightly wider than an arm from both ends.

And we add a triangle that starts from the bottom side and ends at the edge of the square, there will be the thumb .

كيف ترسم اليد  رسم يد الانمي بطريقة سهلة سمر ارت


We draw what we will consider the bones, i.e. the lines from the top side of the square where the fingers are, and they will be of four lines, and the line at the triangle that will be the thumb.

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These lines should not be one "what is meant: they must consist of three contiguous lines so that they form a single line that is the whole finger" because the finger itself is divided into several joints and we have three sections on the finger.

كيف ترسم اليد  رسم يد الانمي بطريقة سهلة سمر ارت

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Do not forget to take into account the required movement before drawing, and the direction as well, do you want closed or open hands?


We now draw small circles on the lines that we drew for the fingers, and these circles are very important, because they are the joints that are located at the finger, and that help us to investigate them in the way we want.

It will be two small circles separating each line.

كيف ترسم اليد  رسم يد الانمي بطريقة سهلة سمر ارت


We fill the hand completely, and we will depend on the contour, meaning that we will not draw directly over the lines, with each on its edges, trying to fill the hand completely.

On the wrist, we draw a thin line in order to show the separation between the hand and the arm.

Add more details like wrinkles and nails.

كيف ترسم اليد  رسم يد الانمي بطريقة سهلة سمر ارت
كيف ترسم اليد  رسم يد الانمي بطريقة سهلة سمر ارت

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This is an illustrative picture of some of the bones that are in the hand, and it is important not to overlook it when drawing, as you can see when you draw at the circles defined by "joints" there must be a slight protrusion when you draw the hands.

The lines of the fingers are as shown, consisting of three short lines connected to each other, separated by circles "knuckles", and it is necessary to add them in order to differentiate between the palm and the back of the hand.

كيف ترسم اليد  رسم يد الانمي بطريقة سهلة سمر ارت

I hope that you have benefited from the easy and simple explanation, in which I tried to explain it in the easiest way possible, without many philosophies, in order to make drawing the hand of anime, whether in manga or animation, more easily, by following this method, and I am waiting for you in future lessons.

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