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How to draw a person walking at four different angles

Download the software used from Here

Hello dear, in an explanation specialized in drawing the body of the anime and manga from different angles, today we will draw the position of the body as it walks, and we use simple but effective techniques to determine the appropriate angle for drawing.

But let's open our drawing software


Draw a rectangle in order to determine the length of the character, and to determine the angle of the drawing


Then we quickly draw a circle for the head, and lines in order to determine the appropriate movement


Then we begin to define the body, and draw small circles for the shoulders, elbows and knees, and draw the body in a square shape, and define the cuts of the body, from the upper part to the lower part

كيف ترسم شخصاً يمشي بأربع زوايا مختلفة


And we use the drawing of the entire movement, with the sketch that we drew earlier, and we make sure that we draw the curves clearly

As you can see at the bottom, the right foot is in the front, we draw the right hand and it is behind, and vice versa

As for the drawing on the right side, we notice that the hands are close to the same angle, and this is due to the angle of the drawing, as the body looks straight at the camera, so the movement may not appear as clear as in the drawing on the left

كيف ترسم شخصاً يمشي بأربع زوايا مختلفة

Final drawing

كيف ترسم شخصاً يمشي بأربع زوايا مختلفة

This time we will draw the same movement, but with two different angles


We draw a rectangle, the first one on the right: it should be the square at the top, symbolizing the head, and the big square at the bottom indicating the feet, and that’s why the drawing looks like the camera was in the ground

The drawing on the left: We draw a small square, and below it a larger one, which symbolizes the feet, as if the camera is on top.

2And quickly we draw just lines to help us determine the movement accurately

You can paint all this on a new layer with the first layer visible, but lightened


Here we draw a little more precisely as we did before, and draw the elbows, knees and feet, and connect them all together by drawing lines

Notice here how the green lines symbolizing the camera helped us draw the movement from angles that are difficult to draw at all

The drawing on the right: the closer the camera is to the specific part, the larger the element is, “closer.” Look how small the head looks, because it is far from the camera.

The drawing on the left: While here we notice the exact opposite, the head looks big, because it is close to the camera, and the feet are small because they are far away

كيف ترسم شخصاً يمشي بأربع زوايا مختلفة

The final drawing

كيف ترسم شخصاً يمشي بأربع زوايا مختلفة

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