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How to draw anime character

Today we will learn, my friends, how to draw an anime character, in the simple way, which is the one that I follow when I want to draw quickly, and with a guaranteed result, all you have to do, is to bring the pen easily, and the notebook, and follow the steps with me, draw an anime character, so, we add Ready wallpaper from the library without drawing.


We start to draw a circle with a pen, and it doesn't have to be perfect, just draw, because we'll use it just for help.


Then we draw three vertical lines, one for each side, and one in the middle "which will divide us the face in half."

Then a horizontal line at the bottom "where the chin"


Now, we draw three horizontal lines this time, and they will be inside the circle, which is what we will rely on when we draw the eyes and the ear.


We quickly draw the shape of the eye of the anime character, and I chose it to be round


We continue and draw the full features, here we draw the eyes, the mouth, the nose and the eyebrows, and we finish with the ears.

كيفية رسم شخصية الانمي


Here we start inking with black, after we add a new layer

كيفية رسم شخصية الانمي


Here we get to the hair drawing step

As we draw from inside the line that separates the face, which is located at the top of the face "the place of the hairline" and from there we draw the lines we want in both directions

كيفية رسم شخصية الانمي


coloring stage

Here you have absolute freedom to choose the color of the hair and skin color of the anime girl that we draw, and I chose the blond to color the hair, and the color of the skin "beige" for the face, we will add the color of the eyes later

From the left menu, a set of tools appears in front of us, with many preset brushes, which contain a large number of accessories that we can add to the anime character

From there choose the pupil, which you will add to the eye

You can download the pupils from the add-ons library from within the program, if it is not already available


Shading, where we will choose a color darker than the base color, draw lines, and then fill them in order to fill them, and from there we will have the shadow

Then the shine, which is present on the hair of most Japanese anime characters, which is easy, as we only have to choose a matte white color, and add it to the hair, especially at the top, where the light hits the hair, causing the shine.

كيفية رسم شخصية الانمي


The last thing we have left now, is the background, which we will add to our drawing, and through which the drawing will be ready

We go to the list on the right, and then we choose the library that contains a large number of ready-made backgrounds, choose the image you want, I chose the one that appears in front of you in the image, and dragged it to a new layer, and it should be behind the anime we drew

كيفية رسم شخصية الانمي

This is the end result, I hope you liked it, today was the explanation using a simple and quick method of drawing an anime character, and I will definitely post more more complex lessons if you like, as we will explain in more detail, until then, I see you ok My loved ones.

كيفية رسم شخصية الانمي

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