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How to Draw Anime Man's Body | Full body drawing tutorial

Welcome to a new lesson on how to draw a body, and this time we will move on to drawing a man’s body, and we had previously started drawing a woman’s body, and here is the lesson for those who missed: Drawing a female body in anime style

So bring your notebooks and pens and let's get started! . We also know that the body is different between males and females, and as you can see in the outline, the shoulders are wide, and the waist is smaller. The diagram here is just geometric shapes, which will help us to draw well.

Download the software used from Here

  • Step 1 :

We will start drawing the outline, which is one of the basic things in drawing as we all know, we will draw a circle for the head, and from the middle of it the line will go, and then we will draw the body using lines, one for the shoulders, the other for the arms, and the feet.

دروس رسم ، دروس رسم الانمي ، سمر ارت

Whenever we want the character to be tall, we will stretch the lines to the length we want.
  • Step 2:

Then we draw the joints, which is a circle at the elbows and knees, and we do not forget to draw two circles slightly larger at the shoulders, and whenever we want to draw a figure with muscles, we will enlarge the circle drawn at the shoulders.

You can also draw two smaller circles for the elbows, when drawing the hands.

دروس رسم ، دروس رسم الانمي ، سمر ارت

  • Step 3:

Now we come to the initial fill, here you can create the body, do you want the character to be obese? Or do you want her to be skinny? Here is the appropriate stage for this step, as we can control the weight of the man we draw.

دروس رسم ، دروس رسم الانمي ، سمر ارت

  • Step 4:

And here came the inking phase, where we will draw the details of our character, from head to toe. We will draw the eyes and everything related to the features of the face, and then the prominent body parts, such as the face, neck, and hands, then we will come to the clothes that we want to dress the character.

دروس رسم ، دروس رسم الانمي ، سمر ارت

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