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How to make manga and create characters

Hello everyone, today I will give you a glimpse of how to design manga characters easily, before any mangaka draws directly, he must start identifying the characters involved in the story, drawing them, and defining their characteristics and pivotal role in the manga he designs, so let's see what we've got


  • Physical traits:

Is it male or female, such as skin and hair color, height and weight, in addition to the name, specify what is important, it is not necessary to write all this

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كيف تصنع المانجا من تكوين الشخصيات

  • Character traits :

Here we define the characteristics of the personality, such as quick anger, kindness, or constant laughter, and is it a cheerful or shy personality

Take your time identifying your character with her own characteristics, so that the audience can get to know her more accurately

  • Likes and dislikes:

Such as favorite programme, music he likes to listen to, and what are the things he dislikes and makes him angry? For example, he hates lying, and does not accept criticism. On the other hand, he loves to draw attention

  • Goal or dream:

Here we write everything that the character wants to achieve in her life, her dream that she pursues, and what work or job she is looking for

  • Role in the manga:

Why is this character in your story? And what is its purpose? This is necessary, for example, it could be the main character, or a secondary character, specify that accurately

كيف تصنع المانجا من تكوين الشخصيات

  • Extra characters:

There is no doubt that the manga will contain transient characters in many scenes, as the heroes of your story cannot live alone, and it is necessary to draw characters that will appear at once in several places, such as the street, the audience in the theater, school students and many others.

Do not try to draw them without attention, this is one of the problems we face in the manga or anime, if the extras are drawn in quick ways, and most of the attention falls on the main characters, and this is not desirable

This only applies when they are involved in the story or scene, otherwise don't bother adding details

Add even a few touches to them, and do not make them seem repulsive to the audience, so that the reader does not feel that these characters are worthless!

The beautiful thing here is that you do not have to design the characters of the extras, because they only appear once, and the audience will not remember them, and you do not even have to draw them in detail, just ordinary characters within the scene, with simple features.

كيف تصنع المانجا من تكوين الشخصيات

Here I have given you at least a glimpse of how to build and design manga characters, and I may one day touch on the design of the figure, but from here the main idea begins, I hope it has won your approval, and I will meet you in other lessons, until then, stay safe.

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