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How to make the eyes of an anime girl blink with Toon Boom Harmony

Welcome, dear, to a new post, after the absence of (ミ  ̄ ー  ̄ ミ, in which we will discuss how to move an eyelid, or the eye of an anime character, and make it blink and open "blink", in a very easy way, and as it appears in the video, used Toon Boom Harmony Premium

Get the software from Here

About the program, it is a program dedicated to two-dimensional animation, such as anime and cartoon, with several advantages, such as bones that facilitate the movement of characters at high speed, and multiple beds for more creative and aesthetic drawings, and it is worth noting that this program is The only one that I use for animation, and I do not use other programs such as flash.


And now towards the eye, we know that the eyelid movement like closing and opening comes from the upper eyelid only, like the real eye, and the matter is similar in the anime world, we will only move the upper eyelid, from top to bottom, while keeping the lower part motionless, and without Touching or moving the pupils of the eyes.

As I drew an entire figure from an image on the Internet, and drew the hand, the body, the eye and the hair, each in a single layer, until I move the eye alone, without the rest, meaning that the whole body is in a layer, and the eye is in a layer by itself.

The method is as follows:

  • Copy the eye into a new page

  • Erase the colors on it "so that it is easier for me to see its shadow"

  • Hold the upper eyelid, lowering it down, and slightly adjusting the ends

  • Repeat the process, but after two or two pages

  • Continue lowering the eyelid until the eye is closed well

  • Coloring the eye with favorite colors

  • Copy and thief the pages close together, so we can get how many times we want to blink the eye

Of course, this is not the only way to move, as it depends more on the frame by frame, that is, like traditional animation.

And we finished, it is very easy, and it took me about a quarter of an hour / 15 minutes, and of course it was quick, and I was unable to provide the best, because of the urgency, because I fell short of my channel too, but I will return to new lessons, and more perfect

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