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Learn how to draw anime hair with photos

Today we will learn together, how to draw anime hair in a variety of ways, and from many angles, with how to draw hairstyles in a very easy technique

Let's start a lesson on how to draw anime hair and draw manga hair

1 We begin to draw the character whose hair we want to add, and draw her body, and undoubtedly the head, then draw the hairline

Download the software used from Here

  • Tip #1: The step of drawing the hairline begins by drawing a point, and then from that point several curved lines branch off, and these lines will help us know the direction of the hair and the shape of the hairstyle

This technique that I present to you, will save you a lot of effort in drawing anime hair in a proper way
Learn how to draw anime hair with photos

2 We now move on to drawing scattered lines, the way you want

Make sure that your lines are in harmony with the hairline, from there it is the basis for the beginning of the hairstyle, and then we continue as we wish

Learn how to draw anime hair with photos

3 We complete the steps, and add more details that determine the final shape of the tufts

Tip #2: As long as you're at this stage, draw, erase, and redraw, until you get the look you want.

Learn how to draw anime hair with photos

4 Inking is the stage we have reached, and here we will reduce the first layer, add another layer, and paint the hair and body with black ink.

Learn how to draw anime hair with photos

Now I will show you how to easily determine where to draw anime hair

As it appears to you here, in this picture, I wanted to show you the area from which the hair originates, in

  • The first drawing: You will notice that the lines come from the top, because the hairstyle will be for short hair, so we will draw equal and semi-straight lines.

From top to bottom, and if you want or make the hair wavy, you can draw curly lines

Learn how to draw anime hair with photos

And here we drew the hair, but be careful to make the hair close to the skull, rather it should be about 3 cm away from it.

And we start drawing the tufts from top to bottom

  • The second drawing: Here we will draw the hair with a small bun hairstyle

When we finish drawing the head, we define the shape of the skull, through the lines that you see.

Then we move on to drawing a point, so that the hairs branch out.

Here, we draw the hair, starting from the middle "the place from which we determined the origin of the hair" in the previous stage

Then we continue until we reach the stage of drawing the cake

Drawing the cake is not difficult, all we have to do is draw an asymmetrical circle, and then draw the cake in a spiral from the inside

Make sure you draw the bun in the middle of the head, where we have already started to draw the hair.

And so the lesson for today ended, I hope you will practice it on a weekly basis, because drawing hair is fun and beautiful, and you will discover many ways to draw anime hair in an easy and beautiful way.

Learn how to draw anime hair with photos

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