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Learn to animate a girl spinning around herself

Hello, after a long absence, frankly, the past months were full of work and preoccupations, so I was not able to present lessons or any videos on my channel, but with the beginning of the new year, I finished work and almost got some time to work on what I love.

Here I will explain to you how to animate an anime girl spinning around herself, without complication.

Download the software used from Here

And the editing program that I always used is Filmora


We begin first to determine the path of rotation, is it a right-to-left rotation or vice versa, and we draw the initial shape of the movement, in a quick manner, and here we are not in a hurry, we just do a quick drawing in the hope that we will find the appropriate movement

Here the character is facing the camera, arms on both sides
This is the first frame, so you can add the details you want

First pose

تحريك فتاة انمي بالتون بوم سمر ارت


Last pose

You may be surprised that we draw the last movement, before the movement in the middle, but this is the obvious step in all the work of animation around the world

Because once we determine the first and last movement of the character, it will be easier for us later to draw the in-between frames, because we know the previous and subsequent movement

In this frame, we will draw the character while he is in a state of stability or stop moving, the right side of the body slightly opposite the camera
As long as this frame is considered at the end, the details should be more about the interframe
تحريك فتاة انمي بالتون بوم سمر ارت


Here we go to the frame in the middle, and we draw the movement that will be between the first and the second, and do not forget in the Toon Boom program to open the shadow option, which allows us to see the previous and subsequent frame

The previous frame will be a red shade, the next frame will be a green shade and the tool is onion skin

In this frame, we draw the character in a curled position, arms are closed, the back is bent, the face is down, and the hair is about to fly.
تحريك فتاة انمي بالتون بوم سمر ارت


At this stage, we will draw the in-between frames "Drawing directly", that is, between the first, second and last frames

Remember that you are not obligated to draw the in-between frames accurately, it is enough that the first and last frames are the most accurate.

You don't have to keep sketching after these steps, I usually start the animation right away, but if you want to keep sketching until the last frame, it's up to you

تحريك فتاة انمي بالتون بوم سمر ارت

As you can see here, the character is still spinning, with only the back and hair visible.

The arms are folded inward, as if the girl is preparing to jump or open her arms quickly

We paint the hair with its own layer, it's up to you if you want to paint it with the body

But when it comes to the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth, it is very necessary to draw each one in his own layer.

Quick or flash rule

تحريك فتاة انمي بالتون بوم سمر ارت

It is necessary to start moving the girl quietly, and then the movement is fast

That is, we use more frames in slow motions, and in fast motions, fewer frames

This means that the girl may be sitting, and suddenly in the second frame or frame she will have stopped and the matter applies to all movements in the anime and this is a basic rule

تحريك فتاة انمي بالتون بوم سمر ارت

And they noticed with me between these two drawings, the one above, the girl was holding her hands, and suddenly in the next frame, she opened her arms and stood up.

That is, the movement changed suddenly without a frame between them, from this movement to that movement directly, and this is clear in the video above

Remember, you don't have to do this flick every time, or else the crank might look choppy.
It is only used when the character makes a sudden movement
As for normal animation, we had to draw frames or interframes permanently


After drawing completely, we come to the stage of coloring, and the beginning is with coloring the skin, and we go to the hair layer and color it too.

The eyes are as well, but the nose and mouth remain like this in black

And with this, we have finished this interesting lesson, in which we learned how to animate an anime character that rotates around itself, and wait for me in more lessons in the coming weeks

First frame

تحريك فتاة انمي بالتون بوم سمر ارت

Last frame

تحريك فتاة انمي بالتون بوم سمر ارت

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