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Learn to draw manga by adding dialogue balloons

Today we will complete a series of teaching Arabic manga drawing, and we will talk about the easiest step in the manga industry, which is adding speech bubbles, or what is known as dialogue balloons, which is a balloon in a certain way, which we add to the manga scenes, and through it the character speaks, and expresses what wanders in her mind.

The method is easy, now let's see how

Download the software used from Here

  • Write dialogue

It is necessary to write the dialogue in any program we want, and as we learned previously, we write the story and the script before deciding on the drawing, as we copy the required dialogues, as shown in the image below, and add them to Photoshop, and choose the desired font

  • Copy the sentence

After we have added the sentences to Adobe Photoshop, we select the entire page, and copy the page

I do this because the program I draw manga with does not support Arabic yet

It is necessary that the page does not contain any backgrounds

  • Add balloons

After we added the words, we now include the balloons for each sentence, and it is necessary to understand that each case has a special balloon that expresses the feelings of the manga character, as we cannot put the same balloon for each scene

This does not include the balloon shape that you adopt for your manga, I'm talking about the balloon that expresses feelings of shock, fear and other things...
On this page the balloons were normal

تعلم رسم المانجا إضافة بالونات الحوار

  • Adjusting the balloon to suit each scene

The next step, is to modify the bubbles that we added, and we mention here, only the necessary scenes, we choose the scenes that express the special situation of each character, and we look at forming speech bubbles and choose what fits with the phrase, we pull out the balloon and add it in a new layer , and adjust its size

تعلم رسم المانجا إضافة بالونات الحوار

  • Add the arrow pointing to the characters

The last step for the manga dialogue bubbles left for us is to add the arrow that points to each speaker, from the left window, we choose and define the starting point that should be close to the manga character, and we simply point the balloon arrow towards it

تعلم رسم المانجا إضافة بالونات الحوار

  • Add dialogue to manga

We go to the manga drawing program, and paste what we copied earlier, and as you can see in the picture, the text has appeared in front of us

But it has a white background, at the bottom you can see how to get rid of it in a second

تعلم رسم المانجا إضافة بالونات الحوار

We go to the following option: Edit > Convert brightness to opacity

In this way, the white background will disappear and we will have only the dialogue, and we can add it and drag it towards the balloon designated for it, which is related to the manga character who is speaking

تعلم رسم المانجا إضافة بالونات الحوار

  • Distribute phrases to manga characters

In the options on the left side, there are many selection tools, and we choose from them what is written at the bottom

Selection area > Rectangle

Next, we select the required phrase, and we drag the sentence towards the balloon

تعلم رسم المانجا إضافة بالونات الحوار

In this way, we have learned how to add balloons and speech bubbles to our manga, and it did not take much effort, you can play with the shapes of dialogue balloons as much as you want, and create shapes that fit with your comic, and I meet you in a new lesson.

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