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Mastering the Art of Anime: No-Course Guide to Embodying Your Favorite Characters

How to become an anime engine from your home

Recently, amateur-made anime has spread on YouTube and Instagram channels, and the reason is due to the popularity of Japanese anime, and the availability of programs and applications that allow us to make anime and cartoons from home without experience, and since I started moving more than 14 years ago Years ago, I decided to share with you the tricks and secrets that enabled me to become an animator without courses or certifications.

Start drawing

There is no doubt that the talent of drawing is one of the most important basic factors in the profession of animation, as the animator is basically a painter, and whoever knows drawing will undoubtedly be good at animation, because animation is the continuous and continuous drawing of frames, to reach from movement A to movement B, and It is very difficult to become an engine when you do not have the talent to draw.

How to become an anime without courses

But the positive side is that you can master drawing with continuous education and training. There are many online lessons, including on my website, where I simplify the steps for you.

It is necessary to be patient, as you will not be able to do an entire anime overnight, we know that Japanese studios need an army of animators to do one anime, let alone a single act.

You can find some animation tutorials here on my channel

Before you start your project, try to prepare the schedule for the anime, will you finish it in a month? And for how long? In the beginning, I advise you to start making an anime consisting of one episode, with a duration not exceeding three minutes, because if you overdo yourself, you will not finish the project, but if you work in a team, divide the tasks between you

How do you improve your performance in the animation?

  • Use the animation program and design small clips for entertainment, in order to develop your skills, do not take these clips seriously, so as not to tire yourself, just have fun while you move

  • Watch many and many anime, and when you find a shot you like, repeat it, until you discover how it was animated, because anime is a treasure from which I learned animation without cycles

  • Draw the first and last movement "as I explained in previous lessons" and practice drawing how to move the character from this position, for that, you can invent several ways, and when you find the appropriate movement, draw and color

  • If it is difficult for you to move something, enter the websites, or YouTube, and search for how to move a part of the body, for example, hair or eyes, and start the application immediately. “This is one of the ways that helped me become a better animator.”

My animation of blinking eye

How to start animating the anime?

  • Watch any anime you like before the animation, this will motivate you to start working

  • Try as much as possible to put your cell phone away from in front of you while you are working, so that it does not distract you

  • Play anime songs in the background while you work, this will help you a lot to enter the atmosphere

  • Take a break from stirring every two hours, breathe on the balcony, drink Nescafe or eat some crackers before going back to work.

  • Watch animation techniques on YouTube, and create your own style

  • If you get bored in the middle of a stir, stop right now, because if you keep going, you'll move without care

On the right is the sketch, and on the left is the final scene

What you need to start anime animation ?

The two devices you need are a computer or a laptop, a small tablet and a stylus for drawing only. There is no need for the home studio that you watch on YouTube channels. Expensive equipment will not give you talent, nor will it raise your status, so do not be deceived by what it has. Other animators, you are the talented and you are the one who makes, as soon as you own these two devices, you are ready to take off in the world of animation!

And my favorite program is Toon Boom Harmony, I grew up with it, and I remember how it was a simple and small program when I started working on it, and with the passage of time, its features and tools increased.

Of course, you can move with any program available to you, such as Adobe Animate "Flash previously", Clip Studio, Moho and many others.



Take your place :

  • It is not necessary if you want to make anime, to work in animation and drawing, there are many tasks you can do, and all you have to do is to take your place according to your talent that you have

  • If you are a writer and author, you can compose the story, a wonderful and unparalleled anime story, with a distinctive script, and submit it in order to become an anime

  • Or draw scenes backgrounds, such as the street, the sea, the house from the inside, the sky, and prepare them for their progression to the movers

  • If you have a beautiful voice, participate in the dubbing of the animation, and choose the character you want to work on, and dubbing it as you act honestly

  • Sing to work, it would be great to make an anime ending song and sing it if you have a nice voice

  • You can also edit, after the anime ends, you assemble all the scenes, add music to them, sound effects, and write the names of the participants in the work.

My animating for a bird flying

The steps do not end, the world of anime is a big and beautiful world, as soon as you navigate in it you do not stop, it is true that animation takes time, but why not if you have enough time for that, instead of sitting on your mobile phone watching contents that take your time and life, Get up and leave your phone aside, and start moving, you won't stop anymore, and many doors will open in front of you

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