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كيف تصنغ المانجا ، سمر ارت ،أفكار للمانجا الخاصة بك

Many of us dream of creating our own comics, which are often similar to Japanese manga, because they attract the attention of readers of different age groups, and because of the variety of stories in them, there are combat manga and others romantic and school etc.

So I found it would be nice to suggest some ideas for your next story, from various categories.

School manga:

The story talks about a very strange school, as the students must excel not by studying, but by killing, and the more students kill more students, the more their classification increases, and the doors of this school are sealed, and no one will be able to leave except those who are successful in it, but not With this ease, there are strict laws, a student cannot kill anyone while he is asleep, or in front of the camera lens, and there is only one attempted murder per day, and all methods are legitimate. And they have 9 months to complete the mission and graduate.

Romantic manga:

The heroine of the story lives a normal life, and has always complained about it, but one day, a message arrives on her cell phone, and she says in it that if she makes any man fall in love with her, he will die, and here the girl gets very frightened, and lives her life trying to avoid Any man, but things change when she moves to her new job and there she meets a group of nice employees, but will someone love her?

Adventure manga:

The hero of the story lives in a middle-class neighborhood, and his father is an archaeologist, and the father is subjected to a deliberate car accident, and dies as a result of very serious injuries, and the hero finds a room between his father's belongings, and there the jewel emits a shining light, and a witch emerges from it that shows the organization that I tried to kill his father, and it gives him the ability to return to the past and save his father from the accident, and if he fails, his father will inevitably remain dead.

Horror manga :

Every year, an international competition is solved to win a prize of ten million dollars, in which the hero of our story participates with competitors from around the world, and it is held in the Capital International Stadium. The competition consists of games, such as jumping from bridges and escaping from crocodiles, etc. ... But the problem of this game is that Whoever loses in it dies, and even children, the elderly and sick people are allowed to participate in it, and the strangest thing is to broadcast the scenes of death to the public and viewers live. I wonder, will the hero survive or not?

You can create your manga using the ideas I suggested to you above, or create your own by combining the stories I mentioned earlier.

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