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See how to anime anime car moving

Today I brought you a lesson that I explained years ago, but this time I decided to renew the explanation, because the program has evolved, and because I also advanced from what I was before, so it will be about how to move an anime car, walking on the road, and behind it the sky and nature And trees.

Of course everything is mentioned in the accelerated video, but I will show you some small details here

Download the software used from Here

Car drawing

We start by choosing any image of a car from Google, and we draw it, preferably from the side, so that we can draw it moving and walking from left to right.

Then we draw the two wheels with two separate layers, but you can also draw and move one wheel, and then you copy it, and drag it to the other place, so the two wheels will look the same and spin.

When we finish drawing the anime car, we move to the normal drawing program, any drawing program you like, such as Photoshop, but I prefer to use the Clip Studio program for drawing anime and manga, and this is the program link to download it: Here

The editing program that I have always used is Filmora, to buy and download for free from Here

تحريك سيارة انمي سمر ارت

Animating the car

In this step, we have to add peg for each element, such as car, wheels, sky, trees, etc.

Then we spin the wheels from the transform tool, which helps us in the animation

Then we add a keyframe to all the elements in front of us, a frame for the first movement and a frame for the last movement, and then we choose the Transform tool, and we drag all the components to the right, except for the car, and in the last frame, we drag it to the right.

But the car remains stationary and does not move

And in order to add some movement to the car, we add quake to it, which is what will help the car to move lightly, as if it is actually running.

These are the settings that I relied on when moving the car, all I wanted was just to make it rise and fall only

تحريك سيارة انمي سمر ارت

Extra things

Additional note, note here what settings you relied on in arranging the animation components, ie the background, trees, and road

From the right, choose from the menu "Top" and a window will open for you

Here you can see the Top option, which allows us to place the components in 3D, as you can see here, you will find that the sky is the last thing, followed by the clouds, the grass, and so on

تحريك سيارة انمي سمر ارت

The set of filters

Here there are a set of effects that you can add to the anime, filled with fire and rain, but I only added sunshine and shade

تحريك سيارة انمي سمر ارت

When the animations finished, I went and added a shadow to the car, through the shadow effect, which is in the Effects field at the bottom, near the timeline.

And all I did was, I copied the entire car in motion, "except for the wheels," and added shade to it, turned it upside down, and put it under the car, so the shade is next to the car all the time.

And in conclusion, and this is optional, I added the sun's flare, which is in the same list of effects, and placed it above the clouds and sky, and you can drag it with the Transform tool.

تحريك سيارة انمي سمر ارت

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