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Tips for a daily routine to animate anime clips

Waking up early to animate anime clips

It is important when you are an anime or cartoon artist to wake up early, and the most appropriate time is six in the morning, and before that, sleep early as well.

I advise you to follow the following steps:

  • Eat your breakfast quietly, then start working on animating the anime clips

  • Finish the big and difficult tasks first, because your energy diminishes, and you will not be able to complete them later

  • If you feel bored, stop working on the animation, and complete another work

  • Watch a video clip to revive your passion for animation, such as anime, and the method of animation. This will give you motivation to become like them.

animate anime clips

Extra time to animate anime clips

The time in which you do nothing is the time you spend watching TV, sleeping, or sitting idle, and it is one of the most appropriate times that you can use to get moving, instead of wasting time on things that are not useful.

The lost time is:

  • Watch TV instead of moving anime clips

  • Watch social networking sites

  • Sleeping a lot

animate anime clips

Prepare a day in advance in order to animate the anime footage

It is important that you prepare and prepare what you want to do tomorrow from today, for example, “I need to edit such and such a scene,” or “correct spelling errors,” or something else, so that when you wake up the next day, you start working on it, without wasting your time searching for something. You want to do it, and you immediately start animating the anime clips

animate anime clips

Take a break from animating anime

It is important to take a break while working, in order to regain your energy. Continuous work on your mind will make you get bored and leave quickly, without accomplishing anything. These are tips on what you can do:

  • Get out of the house and walk for an hour. This will restore your energy again

  • Sit down and have a snack, in a different room, to change the atmosphere a little

  • Drink coffee on the balcony, or while sitting in the lounge

  • Take a walk in the theme park, and get yourself moving

  • Sit with the family and talk to them, this will help you a lot

Movement is very important for every painter. Sitting a lot on a computer chair will cause you lower back pain, so exercise or walk outside.
animate anime clips

Avoid distractions in order to animate anime shots

What preoccupies people most nowadays is the phone, with which we waste a lot of valuable time. Imagine if the time you spend daily on the phone is “three hours,” you would be able to complete an entire episode per week of approximately two minutes, so I strongly advise you to keep the phone away from you. While moving, because you will turn to it from time to time, in order to check everything, do the following:

  • Turn off all app notifications, “except family messaging apps”

  • Mute the notification sound, but keep the call sound active, in case you receive a call

  • Postpone viewing notifications until the evening

  • Tell those who know you that you are working on your project at the appointed time, and then they will respect your wish and no one will message you while you are moving.

animate anime clips

These are easy and simple steps that I apply, which help me organize my time every day, in order not to stop moving, which is my favorite hobby. Organizing life’s priorities, with your hobby, will help you accomplish a lot. I hope you have benefited, and I will meet you in Another blog post, God willing.

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