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Toon Boom Harmony Tools Tutorials | Anime animation

Toon Boom Harmony Tools Tutorials | Anime animation

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Hello everyone, today I will explain to you the giant program that I have used for more than a decade in moving anime and cartoon characters, namely Toon Boom Harmony, with pictures. We will start first with the interface of the program, as you can see before you this is how the program looks like, do not be alarmed by all of these tools, we will not need them all, everything we will use is numbered in red.

Upper side :

شرح برنامج تون بوم هارموني | برنامج صناعة الانميشين و الانمي
Toon Boom Harmony Tools Tutorials | Anime animation

  1. New project: through it you open a new project to start with

  2. Open: You open any project you previously worked on

  3. Preservation: Whenever you work on the program, you must click on it in order to save your work so that it does not get lost.

  4. Add a picture: You can add any image you want on your device, such as backgrounds for Anime Shin.

  5. The Translit tool: It is a tool that determines the center of the drawing, this means if we draw the arm, we can place the point in the shoulder and here that point is the main center from which the movement starts.

  6. "Manticine Size": It is one of my favorite tools, which allows you to set a background, and pull it back "behind the character", which adds dimension

  7. On the scene, and it gives us a 3D view

  8. The hammer: It contains a number of wonderful tools such as hair moving bones, arm bones and clothes bones, that make you move the cloth.

Left side:

شرح برنامج تون بوم هارموني | برنامج صناعة الانميشين و الانمي
Toon Boom Harmony Tools Tutorials | Anime animation

On the left side are the drawing tools that will help us design the characters, first from the top,

Black arrow: the arrow moves each part we draw and changes its shape and size. If you draw the eye, you can take it anywhere on the page.

  1. The white arrow: it helps us to change the drawing lines and correct the drawing that we drew, for example, if we draw a line for the chin, and it is slightly tilted, we will use the white arrow in order to move the line to the right place, it is the vector lines.

  2. Brush: It is one of the drawing tools and I only use it to draw eyelashes and eyebrows, because moving its lines is confusing and distorts the drawing

  3. The pen: I use it all the time to draw characters

  4. The Eraser: Clears any errors in the drawing

  5. Shapes: there are drawing shapes such as circle, square and others

  6. Fill in the drawing and color it

  7. Color burner: With it, we can take any sample we want.

  8. The palm: helps us move the screen from the top and bottom a, and press the keyboard on the space button

  9. Animation: If it is yellow, it means that we are moving, but if it is red, then whatever we move it will not be counted as animation

  10. Transform tool: It is the tool responsible for moving, through which we can move anything, such as hands and feet

Right side:

شرح برنامج تون بوم هارموني | برنامج صناعة الانميشين و الانمي
Toon Boom Harmony Tools Tutorials | Anime animation

There are several tools on the right side, and they are:

  1. Tool properties: It is responsible for showing the characteristics of each tool we use and the options that each one has.

  2. Library: where we find all that we have preserved from previous designs or ready-to-use shapes

  3. Top: Thanks to it, we can see the angle of the camera from above for scenes in which the camera is moving

  4. Colors: "Palette" for the project we are working on, and all the colors of the characters from eyes, skin and hair

  5. Nude View: They are what I personally call cells !, and they are all about the project from layers, images, effects, and how we can connect layers to each other and do a lot of things thanks to them.

The bottom side and the middle:

شرح برنامج تون بوم هارموني | برنامج صناعة الانميشين و الانمي
Toon Boom Harmony Tools Tutorials | Anime animation

  1. Center: is the main place for drawing, meaning it is the drawing board, anything that we draw outside the frame will not appear in the final scene

  2. Left side: There you can find the layers and you can add a new "wire" or camera to the project

  3. "Timeline", which is essential in animation programs, as it is considered our own animation papers or drawings, and we can control the extent to which the drawings or the "frames" that we create can be added or deleted.

  4. Effects Library: It is the place where you can find a variety of visual effects that you add to your anime, such as rain, sunshine, fire, etc.

These are simply the tools that I use in my daily work in Toon Boom Harmony, there is no need to dive into complicated matters, as I always say, we have to learn only the easy things, which help us in anime.

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