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Design a game for parents that keeps you away from the internet

How to design a very fun game in your home for all the family, called the dice game, I wrote it many years ago, and it is very fun to play with with family and friends, especially when we feel bored and empty, and we all decide to stay away from the Internet and play collectively, I hope you will try it, and you have some information and how to play it.

The tools:

All of them are in the video, the game board, the characters we play with (you can design the characters with your hands, using the clay, or play with small dolls that fit the game, or using chess pieces etc.), and dice or dice are the basis for us to move forward.

How to play: For example two people playing or more, do not start playing immediately, rather each person should throw the dice, and the person to whom number 6 appears, is the one who enters and starts playing, but does not advance, so the number 6 is just allowing the person to play only Then give the dice to your opponent, and when the opponent’s turn comes, he throws the dice, and if the number 6 does not appear to him, he does not start playing, and then your turn comes and the rounds follow, and the person who entered throws the dice and walks according to the steps, and so on, and remember that if Your opponent came and stood in the square in which you stand, you die and vice versa, and you must repeat the game from the beginning, and enter after you throw the dice, as we said earlier, and do not forget the traps, so every time someone stands above a certain trap, it falls It has a trap, because the game does not like without traps and obstacles, and there are many useful and harmful traps.

Useful traps:

  1. Protection, is a square when you stand on it, you do not die and even if your opponent stops there as well

  2. Move forward, and it helps you move forward with the same steps that you took

  3. Roll the dice, it allows you to roll the dice again and advance

Harmful traps:

Pistol, allows you to directly kill your opponent, in the square in which he is standing

Back off, step back with the same steps you came in

The whirlpool, eat you and die, and replay the game

Prison, you imprison you according to the dice, and you do not play your turn, for example the dice show you the number 4, you do not play 4 roles, and your opponent continues playing while you are imprisoned

Go back to the beginning, and it takes you back to square one

  • the win :

  1. When you get to the last square, you have won the game

  2. You can view this image, and design based on it

Hope you write your opinion with the comments below, with a picture of the game you designed :)



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