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Arabic Police Anime And The Steps Of Making It

Blind shooters animation and complete work steps

Hello everyone, in this detailed article about the animation that was published recently, I will go with you in this post, about the stages of work for this animation, the steps I followed in the animation, and other technical matters, come together!

Download the software used from Here

  • Watch the animation:

  • The story:

The story of the short film is incomplete, as it is the first episode, and the sequel is in the comic.
This story is basically a manga, and it will not be a series of animated episodes, so this will be the only episode, through which the audience will get to know the story and the heroes of the work.

My story started in 2016, and I didn't have enough time to turn it into a manga or anime, so I decided to postpone work until I find the right time, and in the year 2023, I decided to start work, as the story talks about the young Mika, who He moves to work as a policeman in the department, and there he meets Samer, the nervous young man, and his colleague Maher, the cheerful boy, and the investigator who assigns them dangerous tasks, including arresting criminals, chasing, and investigating the murders that abounded in the area.

  • Workers:

Voice actors

Fouad Shamas

Uzumaki Nyzu

Imame Karim


Noureddine Ifkharn

Fadi Al-Khatib

Yasser Kudu

Amal Thabet

Rahaf Skyk

Warda Star



Logo design

The silver feather


Hisham al-Hashlout al-Haskuri


Suhail Suhail



Graphics and animation














Sound Engineering and Lyrics


General supervision


End song

Produced by D-Family


  • Software used:

Animation: Toon Boom Harmony

Backgrounds: Studio Paint clip

3D: Sketchup

Visual Effects: After Effects

Editing: Filmora

Arabic animation and full work steps on the police
  • The story board:

It is obvious that before deciding on the animation, I draw the scenes quickly, based on the scenario, as this is also one of the steps that facilitates the work, and puts in front of me the idea of the scene and what it contains of characters, tools, and the shooting angle

Arabic animation and full work steps on the police

These are two examples of the "storyboard" of some scenes, in which I draw quickly, without focusing on the details, just to get an idea, and in one picture I drew several scenes

  • Backgrounds:

This is the first time that I design an anime without drawing backgrounds, literally. I used three-dimensional models such as rooms, the kitchen, and the office, which made it easier for me to work and saved a lot of time, which I will adopt in my next works, and in case you were wondering On how to do this, there are many lessons on the site, and I will enclose some of them for you.

  • Dubbing:

I was pleased to cooperate with creative dubbers, we all cooperated, in order to present the best of what we have, and perhaps the most beautiful part is, our cooperation with the well-known artist in the middle of dubbing, the artist Fouad Shams, known for his role as Richard in Gumball, and a commentator in National Geographic Abu Dhabi, and one of the most famous fish that served stubborn tuna, and the final report

When we asked him to do the role, he agreed without hesitation to do the dubbing, when we told him that it was an Arabic animation, and it may not be the last time we cooperate with the experienced dubbing artists.

Arabic animation and full work steps on the police

Arabic animation and full work steps on the police

  • The ending song:

This is an original song produced by D-Family, and it is not a work song, but I got permission to put it in the ending theme, and this is from the kindness and humility of the team.

The reason that made me choose this song is that it is an original Arabic song, and secondly, that it captivated me from the first moment, and I felt an abundance of feelings, as the words and melody hit in the deep, an anime song

It is also known that some films and anime include a song by a band at the end, as a form of cooperation and support.

Thank you to everyone who was a party to this or other work, and as long as we cooperate in order to achieve what we aspire to, we will certainly reach it, and we will not stop at this limit, and we will continue until our dream comes true, and we will soon start a new animation, They are always waiting for us



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