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Get To Know Anime Animation Software Toon Boom

Welcome, I have returned again after a long absence. You have been mastering many projects, and today I took the time to publish for you a lesson related to the anime making program and the Toon Boom Harmony cartoon, and celebrate through it a quick introduction to the animation making program. I will read it. Detailed explanation.

This is Anime Animation Software Toon Boom Harmony

Download the software used from Here

Anime Animation Software

Here I have placed the character of Mamoun from the fire anime that we are working on, and I will show you the tools required to move the characters, and what are the keys that help us in doing so.

On the left is the list of layers, which contain the parts of the body, all of which are divided and ready. For example, the head inside contains the hair, eyes, mouth, nose, and ear. We can move the entire head with what it contains, and we can move the facial features individually.

The same applies to the torso. The torso contains the head, neck, and arms, and we can move them together or move the arm, elbow, and hand separately.

As for the lower section, it contains the legs and feet, each individually or together.

Get the software from Here

Anime Animation Software

You will notice the presence of the library, which contains various drawings of mouth movement, such as speech, smiling, silence, or even anger.

Drawing the mouth in several shapes beforehand will save us time and effort, and we will not have to draw again in every scene.
The same goes for the hand, there are several hand movements drawn as well

I hope that the video will benefit you, and teach you how to use it in order to move pre-prepared characters, and I will meet you in another tutorial.



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